Every Day Spirit® Lock Screens App Reviews

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Absolutely love this one. Exactly what Ive been searching for. I only hope the collection grows. Thank you. Continue your good work.

New EDS version!

This app just keeps getting better and better! Every time I turn on my iPhone or iPad I am greeted by the most exquisite and inspirational art and quotes! It’s like getting a dose of love, hope, courage, faith, and strength - all rolled into one! This is my absolutely most favorite app and I recommend it to everyone! You will not be disappointed! There is something in here for everyone!


What a great app!!! So uplifting & motivational. I dont believe I will ever have to download another wallpaper app again after this purchase!! You wont be disappointed at all!

A phenomenal app

The updated version of Every Day Spirit is simply phenomenal. The wallpapers are beautifully hand crafted and the messages will bring some much needed sun to your day. This is truly the best wallpaper app in the App Store. Deserves more than 5 stars!

Lifts My Spirits

This app lifts my spirits every time I look at my phone. The positive messages keep me on track all day long.

I love it!!

This is a 5 star!! Im glad I found this & show great things to feel happy & realize it! I love it & never going to download another wallpaper app after this.. So this is the one I will keep for a long time!!

Refreshing and powerful

This app is full of so many amazing images and quotes, inspiration for every day. Absolutely love it!

Love Everyday Spirit

Love this app and its connection to Facebook to get new uplifting, soul-centered messages every day. Keeps life in its best perspective!

5 star app made even better with the update

This uplifting wallpaper is a great upgrade to my iPhone!

Your Daily Reboot!

EDS is a simple way to gain a fresh new perspective on your day! Your heart and soul will be nourished with the apps inspirational words and cheery artwork - all in a simple to use format. Breathe in, breathe out enjoy!

Beautiful App

This app is so easy to use and helps you focus on the good in the world instead of the ugliness. Use it daily and feel better!

Lighten your day

Great complement to Marys posts on SM that lets you easily revisit your favs, save them to your lock and home screens, share with others or simply scroll through for a lift. Her latest version has flawless nav, images fit perfectly, and the images pop. Lightens every day for me, love this App.

Love this app!

EDS is a wonderful way to refresh your mind, body, and soul with warmth and inspiration. With so many beautiful designs and easy to navigate categories, Marys lock screens share the positive goodness and encouragement I need to take on the day! I absolutely love it and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a daily dose of sunshine. :)

App wont load

I downloaded the app and kicks me out every time I try to use it

ED Spirit

Doesnt work for me either:(

Love It!!!

Every Day Spirit gives me hope and affirmation every time I open my phone!!! Everyone can benefit from the positive messages that are appropriate for each and every day that we encounter! I highly recommend it for all those who need encouragement and just plain walk through their day in our loud discouraging world!!!

I love this app!

What a great way to get centered for the day! Its like a little shot of yoga for the soul before I even get up in the morning!

Love Every day spirit

An effortless way to get a little daily inspiration!

Beautiful but...

With the scriptures I felt that it was misleading app my faith tells me to guard my heart so I dont feel good about sifting through the mix of religious belief quotes. It might seem nit-picky but I wanted others to know. They quotes are all positive and feel-good inspirations but some may counter what scripture teaches. Otherwise beautiful if simple app.

Inspirational Quotes

ED Spirit has many different inspiring quotes by famous people and of course the Bible! Its a great way to start off your day! I recommend this to everyone!

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